Smith-Victor KT800U 3-Light 1250W With Umbrellas & Dimmers

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The Smith-Victor KT800U 3-Light 1250W Thrifty Advanced Kit with Umbrellas & Dimmers (120V)is an excellent choice for those who are newly interested in lighting or who are looking for a basic portrait or ecommerce setup. The kit provides 1250W of 3200K, tungsten-balanced light. The two 12" reflectors can be used as broad lights for products or old Hollywood-style portraits or shot through or bounced off of the two 32" translucent white umbrellas. A third 250W light in a 5" reflector is perfect for use as a hair, spot or background light. Each light has a dimmer too, so you won't have to be wrestling with the 3 included stands to obtain the right light intensity.

All of the lights feature medium screw base phenolic sockets with 10' 2-wire cords and 3/8" stand mounts. The reflectors are hand-spun and chemically etched to maximize light output. The exteriors have a photographic black, baked-on enamel finish.