Sigma 180mm f/2.8 APO Macro EX DG OS HSM Lens for Canon

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SIGMA APO MACRO 180mm F2.8 Ex DG OS HSM, a high-performance large aperture telephoto macro lens incorporating Sigma's original Optical Stabilizer (OS) function. 

This is the first 180mm optically stabilized telephoto macro lens in the world with a reproduction ratio of 1:1 and a maximum aperture of F2.8. The advanced lens construction including three FLD ("F" Low Dispersion) glass lenses and a floating inner focusing system ensure exceptional correction of various aberrations that enable this lens to photograph objects precisely throughout the entire focusing range. 

Flagship large aperture telephoto macro lens 
As a flagship macro lens, uncompromising high rendering performance is achieved. Three FLD ("F" Low Dispersion) glass lenses that have a performance equal to fluorite ensure exceptional correction of axial chromatic aberration and lateral chromatic aberration. A floating inner focusing system moves two different lens groups in the optical path to different positions. This system compensates for astigmatism and distortion and provides extremely high optical performance from infinity to 1:1 macro. The overall length does not change during focusing, ensuring convenient handling. Metal parts are used in the lens barrel ensuring high durability of the body. 

Optical Stabilizer (OS) 
This is the first 180mm optically stabilized telephoto macro lens in the world and offers effective correction of approximately 4 stops. The system compensates for camera shake even in the macro range photography where only a small amount of blur can be easily identified. 
* The OS effectiveness will gradually decrease as the shooting distance becomes shorter. 

Large Maximum Aperture of F2.8 
This is the first 180mm telephoto macro lens in the world with a reproduction ratio of 1:1 and a maximum aperture of F2.8. The narrow depth of field enables photographers to emphasize the subject and the large aperture provides a bright viewfinder image. Together with the OS function, they help the photographer confirm accurate focusing. 

Flare and ghosting conscious design 
In order to achieve high rendering on this flagship lens, flare and ghosting were thoroughly measured from an early stage to establish an optical design which is resistant to strong incident light such as backlight. The Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces flare and ghosting and provides sharp and high contrast images even in backlit conditions. The hood adapter extends the length of the lens hood and provides more effective shading to block out extraneous light which may have a harmful influence on the lens's rendering performance. 

* When using the APS-C Hood Adapter HA780-01 with digital cameras with larger than APS-C size image sensor, vignetting will occur. Please remove the hood adapter if you are using these cameras. 

Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) is incorporated 
Hyper Sonic Motor The lens incorporates HSM (Hyper Sonic Motor), ensuring high speed and quiet AF as we as full time manual focus capability. 

Brass made bayonet mount 
This lens incorporates a brass made bayonet mount which has both high accuracy and durability. A special treatment to reinforce its strength is applied to the surface giving it greater strength and making it highly resistant to long-term use. 

Rounded diaphragm 
The rounded 9 blade diaphragm creates an attractive round blur to the out of focus areas of the image. 

The addition of Sigma's 1.4x Ex DG APO or 2x Ex DG APO TELE CONVERTER produce a 252mm F4 AF telephoto macro lens* or a 360mm F5.6 MF telephoto macro lens respectively. Tele Converters can also be used to extend the maximum magnification ratio beyond 1:1. 
* AF can operate between infinity and 0.67m 

Convenient handling 
A Removable tripod socket that makes it easy to exchange lenses, and a focus limiter that restricts the range of AF operation are incorporated for improved usability 

Excellent macro lens lineup 
Sigma provides an excellent lineup of 5 macro lenses with a reproduction ratio of 1:1. The MACRO 50mm F2.8 Ex DG, a standard macro, MACRO 70mm F2.8 Ex DG, a medium telephoto macro, and MACRO 105mm F2.8 Ex DG OS HSM which has Sigma's original Optical Stabilizer function, as well as APO MACRO 150mm F2.8 Ex DG OS HSM, a telephoto macro, to this APO MACRO 180mm F2.8 Ex DG OS HSM. Standard macro is suitable for taking pictures of things like accessories by adjusting the position of the subjects by hand while still looking into a finder. Medium telephoto macro is suitable for taking pictures of flowers using natural lighting, and telephoto macro is suitable for taking pictures of highly sensitive subjects such as tiny insects with greater working distance. With the lineup, it is possible to select lenses according to subjects.

Lens Construction 19 Elements in 14 Groups
Angle of View 13.7º
Number of Diaphragm Blades 9
Mininum Aperture f22
Minimum Focusing Distance 47 cm / 18.5 in
Filter Size (mm) 86mm
Maximum Magnifications 1:1
(Diameter x Length)
95mm x 203.9 mm/3.7 x 8.0 in
Weight 1638g / 57.8oz

• Lens Case
• Bayonet Style Lens Hood
• Lens Hood Adapter
• Tripod Socket
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